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Front Strut/Spring wont go back in

Posted: Mon Jan 06, 2020 11:41 am
by dragontearz691
I have an 02 Taurus that needed new front struts. I bought a MOOG strut/spring combo to make things easier (I thought). Im pretty sure the previous strut was pounded in by Thor. It took forever to get out of the knuckle. Once It did it wouldn't go back in for anything, just not enough clearance below even with the control arm pushed all the way down. I ended up disconnecting the outer tie rod and lower ball joint. I replaced the lower ball joint because it was trashed. With every thing disconnected I was able to hammer on the strut. I ended up having to replace the CV axle as it was trashed as well (the joys of "simple" repairs on older cars) My problem is two fold now, with the cv axle in the hub the upper cv axle boot looks it was pulled out to far and the lower ball joint is now about an inch or so too far from the hole. Im not sure what to do.... :oops: