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2013 Taurus SHO No volume control after installing aftermarket amp

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2013 Taurus SHO No volume control after installing aftermarket amp

Post by drkbul » Wed Nov 16, 2016 12:41 pm

Im certain this has been addressed, i just couldnt find it. Apologies. So I found lots of info on adding an extra couple of amps to my 2013 SHO nonpp. And a big thanks to all. But I'm having an issue with controlling the volume on my aftermarket speakers I installed. Let me run it down for you. So I replaced all the 5x7's in the doors with good 3-ways, 300watts a piece, connected to a 2400w 4 channel amp. As well I added a 15" sub, 2000w in a custom box behind seats, fed by it's own 1500w amp with a couple capacitor's to fill in the power gap, This is my first change to my sound system, probley not my last. So for the time being I'm keeping the front tweets and rear deck 6x9's running on the factory amp. Now for my input sound to my amps I taped off connector c4326a at 7,17 and 9,19 at my factory amp for a clean unprocessed signal with a line out converter. Now I get sound but I can't control the volume. What am I doing wrong. I'm thinking that I'm going have to tap off the actual speaker outputs, but not wanting to use that processed signal if I don't have to.
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