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Stuck Fuel Injector

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Stuck Fuel Injector

Post by Saluki1998 » Tue Jun 05, 2012 9:32 pm


I searched the forums and could not find this issue on the new SHOs.

I was driving to New Orleans in my 2010 SHO and never made it. Driving through McKinney, TX my check engine light started to blink, the car shook profusely when accelerating and at idle, and the car smelled like fuel.

Luckily I had just passed a Ford dealership (Bob Tomes Ford). I had to drive the car for about 2 miles in this condition to get back to the dealership.

It was Saturday so there was only one tech on duty and there was no chance of getting it fixed that day. Add to that it was the Saturday before Memorial Day weekend and any parts would not be shipped till Tuesday…I was not a happy guy.

However, I was not disappointed with how I was treated. The service advisor, Parrish Ganakos took care of everything. I had purchased the extended warranty (lucky, since the mileage was 36,449) and after doing a diagnostic, Mr. Ganakos was able to get me into a rental car in no time. He even told me to continue on to New Orleans with the rental, but I stayed in the DFW area by my choice.

They worked Monday (Memorial Day) to diagnose the car and order the parts. The parts came in Wednesday and the car was done the same day.

Now for the issue: From the service paperwork it appears I had a stuck open fuel injector. (Probably not a failure that should happen with only 36K miles.) They replaced the injector, spark plug, all seals, drained and refilled coolant, and changed the oil.

I did not know until I read the paperwork tonight that they also replaced a parking aid sensor. Probably the one in the driver’s side rear corner panel. I had been having intermittent issues with that for a year and could never duplicate it at the dealership. I have to say I am impressed since it was not exhibiting an issue when I took it in.

Not only did they fix the issue I took it in for, they fixed all issues they could find. This to me is going above and beyond. I wish I could do more to thank them, but I hope Ford sees this glowing review (I do not write many of those) and recognizes them in some way.

So to recap I have had three repairs in 36k plus miles

1. Park Assist Sensor (around 24,000 miles)
2. Power Rear Sunshade (that I don’t even use) (around 35,000 miles)
3. Stuck Injector (around 36,000 miles)

I am starting to wonder about the car. But since I have the premium warranty and it is almost paid off, I’ll probably keep it around a while.

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Re: Stuck Fuel Injector

Post by ctrcbob » Wed Jun 06, 2012 11:40 am

Yes, there are good dealers.
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Re: Stuck Fuel Injector

Post by 37dre » Thu Dec 05, 2013 3:29 pm

I had the same problem with my 2010 SHO today, but mine has about 75k miles on it. Smelled like gas, started shaking, and then the engine light started blinking. $1100 for the new injector and repair. Awesome.

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