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2012 Taurus SHO Push Start OEM Remote Start Kit

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2012 Taurus SHO Push Start OEM Remote Start Kit

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I saw a similar thread so I'm hoping somebody here might have some insight.

I just got a 2012 Taurus SHO with Push Start. I got a OEM remote start kit 7L2Z-19G364-AA for which i found a really detailed manual. However I'm worried I got a wrong kit. This manual has instructions for both Key and Push start and it appears as same kit works for both. In the manual Kit Contents section it lists everything that I have in my kit.
However once I get to the Taurus Push Start section the kit also mentions a PEPS interface module and a blank IA Keyfob, which I don't have!

Do I have an improper kit? If so I can't for the life of me find a different kit number for the push start version.

Is it possible to just get the PEPS module and use this kit?