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Adaptive Cruise Control Not Dependable

Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2019 2:46 pm
by dcruff
I have a 2018 SHO with just over 2000 miles on it. My Adaptive Cruise Control is scaring me. At times, it seems not to recognize that there is a slow or stopped car right in front of me. Sometimes it accelerates, forcing me to hit the brake. I dare not test it too much, for fear that I'll rear-end someone.

I just got rid of my 2012 Lincoln MKS and loved it, along with it's adaptive cruise control. I could always trust it. I would have just upgraded to a newer MKS, but it's been discontinued. Therefore, I made a parallel upgrade to the SHO, thinking that in 6 years Ford would have made a good thing better. Not so. This feels like a prototype from before my Lincoln.

Is it possibly just a sensor malfunction? I get no warnings or error messages. I would love to trust it as I did my MKS.