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New SHO owner, water pump failed

Posted: Wed Nov 20, 2019 9:58 pm
New here first post.

1 month ago I purchased a 2013 Ford Taurus SHO with 79k, beautiful car and I love it!

A couple weeks ago, at which time I have already put on 1k miles, I notice a faint antifreeze smell when I get home from work a couple days. Then the next day, it was really cold, the defrosters would not heat the car. Even after driving for 20 minutes it was still cold air. The temperature gauge was below half way throughout this experience.

I stop and check the car and notice the overflow jug is empty, which I refill with the proper orange and continue driving. Heat is back everything is right.

The next day I jack it up, turn it on and look around and notice a little drip. After inspecting and taking down the underpinning, which was full of antifreeze I can plainly seeing running down the engine block from around the alternator.

After some research I find that this is most likely the water pump, in which I have it towed to the local Ford Dealership.

Here we are a week later, the dealership is just now getting around to fixing it and they quoted be $2022.56 for parts and labor to replace the Water pump and Timing chain. In which roughly $1500 is just labor.

I should find out in a couple days the full extent of the repair and costs and I will be sure to share.

Is this common at 80k? Are the new OEM parts upgraded to protect against this sudden failure? Should I expect to replace the water pump again at 160k?

Re: New SHO owner, water pump failed

Posted: Fri Nov 22, 2019 2:40 pm
by Lukifer
Nice looking car!

I don't know if its "common" necessarily (given how many of these 3.5L engines are on the road vs how many water pumps fail), but it seems to be a hot topic on the forums... I know a lot (if not most) of these engines will go 200K miles or more w/o the water pump failing... but it's def a gamble. I've had my 2011 Fusion Sport for 2 months now and it has about 77.5K miles on it. I've read a bunch of horror stories about these water pumps failing and completely ruining the engine... leaving people with repair bills north of 7 or $8,000.00.... like this poor guy :( ...
808popo wrote:
Thu Feb 07, 2019 11:23 pm
Don’t buy one. I have a 2014 and it has 74000 miles on it mostly freeway. I don’t beat it up and I drive at the fastest 70. Last week my temperature warning went on. Had the car check and they said I need a new upper radiator hose. Upon changing the radiator hose the found the water pump was leaking and the repair would cost $1800. So I took the car back since I don’t have $1800 laying around. Driving home my low oil pressure light went on. The shop is only a mile from my house. Returned to the shop the next day and now I need a new motor. Don’t buy it get something more reliable. Now I’m stuck with this found on road dead 15000 under water. Can’t trade it and no money to fix it. Thanks Ford.
- This terrified me, of course, so I ran out and bought an extended warranty. Good luck and keep us posted!

I know it's not a Taurus, but pics of my new car anyway :)

Re: New SHO owner, water pump failed

Posted: Sat Nov 23, 2019 6:43 pm
by Jake_Blues
try these ambulance chasers. they've filed a class action lawsuit against Ford over the water pump issue.

you get a few sheckels and they get a mountain of gold.

better than nothing i guess. ... ne-failure

Re: New SHO owner, water pump failed

Posted: Sat Nov 23, 2019 7:47 pm
Lukifer -- Thanks! You have a fine looking Fusion there! I was looking at those for some time myself, but wanted the turbos. 8)

Jake_Blues -- Yeah I saw someone had a class action against Ford for motor failures. I hope to never experience that. :D

UPDATE: I picked up the SHO today, they had me in a 2019 Lincoln MKZ for the last few days and I am so happy to have the SHO back! That 2.0 turbo was okay if you don't mind gutting out little four bangers. :lol:

It end up costing me out the door: $1948.41

WaterPumpRepair.PNG (1.05 MiB) Viewed 535 times

They said the timing chain was loose enough you could strum a tune and didn't specify condition of the water pump.

I drove it around all evening and have found no leaks or any other issues. Hopefully she is good for another 80k at least.

I'm surprised these timing chains don't last longer. On these interference motors, its pretty critical that the timing chain do its job 100% of the time, less catastrophic failure.