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1996 Taurus Transmission Cooler Lines

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1996 Taurus Transmission Cooler Lines

Post by rwrightsman » Fri Oct 27, 2017 5:11 am

Hi, new to the forum, hoping you all can help!

I am inheriting a 1996 Taurus, Vulcan engine, with a transmission that I believe is a AX4N. One of the cooler lines from the transmission to the radiator is leaking. Off hand, I don't remember if it is the inlet or outlet, but they are both pretty bad.

The pan of the transmission (from me sticking my phone under it to get pictures) says "AX4N Metric." Is this, in fact, an AX4N and not an AX4S? I haven't gotten the car out of the rock floor shed it's in so I've not gotten under it yet.

Finally, what lines do I need to get? I find what I thought might be right on the autozone website that are for a AX4S without auxillary cooler. They list only one for an AX4N for an auxillary cooler.

Any help on what I need to get?


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