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Blown head gasket photos

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Blown head gasket photos

Post by xrilander » Mon Mar 12, 2018 5:49 pm

I was having an issue on my '99 with an over pressurized, bulging/spewing expansion tank, and disappearing coolant without a trace. No bellowing white smoke, or coolant in the oil. The 3.0 is the "good" engine, right, couldn`t possibly be that? You can plainly see the failure on the rear head passenger side, and the results of coolant into the combustion chamber. Rusty plugs, and "steamed clean valves". The drivers side chamber was also leaking oh so slightly. The front head was perfectly fine. If your having similar symptoms, probably the head gaskets. It`s an easy job compared to my '94 with the 3.8 I did 8 months ago.
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