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1999 sable headlights wont come on/ tails wont go off/turns over but no fire

Posted: Mon Oct 28, 2019 2:19 pm
by Msnkennedy77
Started having ail trouble getting steering to lock so I could take out key or crank it. No big issue . Then I couldnt get parking and tail lights to go off, or headlights to come on at all. Now battery is good and hot but car will not crank. The key goes in and turns over but no fire or nothing. Only the dinging sound and dash lights and radio and all do come on. I was given 3 keys when bought vehicle and I lost my main key and the one I'm using is a copy that the old owner said he got copied at walmart. Could that be a problem that would affect my light situation and the car cranking? Help someone please. I'm a single woman who is broke and hoping to be able to solve this as cheaply as possible.