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2006 Taurus 3.0 not running well

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2006 Taurus 3.0 not running well

Post by davesellshouses » Sun Jun 16, 2019 10:09 am

My 2006 Taurus has a miss that I'm having difficulty correcting. It seems pretty minor, and most passengers might not even notice, but I can tell it's not running properly. Occasionally the car will lurch a little, but not real bad. If I put it in neutral and rev the engine, it begins to mis-fire pretty significantly at around 3500 rpms. The car has 280,000 miles. The "check engine" light was on one day last week. The local Auto Zone said it shows it's running lean on both banks. He suspected the MAF, so I installed a new one, reset the computer and the engine light is now out, but it still isn't running right.
So far, I've replaced the MAF, the ignition coil, the fuel filter, installed new plugs and wires and replaced the PCV valve. I also cleaned the throttle body. I'm not really sure where to go next. EGR? O2 sensor? Vacuum leak?
Anyone have any ideas what I should tackle next?? Thank you for any advice!

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