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2014 Taurus PI Cargo Management

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2014 Taurus PI Cargo Management

Post by tsuggs124 »

Anyone know if a regular Taurus cargo tray or mat will fit decent in the PI trunk? I need to put something down to keep cargo from sliding all over the place driving me nuts. Also what do those of you who have the slide out trunk tray use them for? I do not see much use for the tray outside of using it to store jumper cables or maybe a small tool kit. Debating on removing the tray so I can fit a heavy duty storage bin in my trunk (the tray takes up too much height and will not allow a bin more than 12" tall).

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Re: 2014 Taurus PI Cargo Management

Post by Lpowilliams »

i have the same issue. i wish mine came with the trunk tray but it did not. so i think im going to attempt something like this.