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Buying a SHO question, advice needed.

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Buying a SHO question, advice needed.

Post by kamloopsdan »


I have a question for all you SHO owners out there. If you had the choice of buying a 2017 SHO with the Performance Package or a 2017 SHO with the Technology Package and had NO intention of driving the car hard (track day for example) which would you buy?

Is it better to have technology package or the performance package as a long term daily driver?


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Re: Buying a SHO question, advice needed.

Post by Ruzarski »

I would go with the technology package with the all season tires. I have leased a 2016 SHO and now own a 2018 SHO. Both did not have the Performance Package and I use the car for commuting.

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Re: Buying a SHO question, advice needed.

Post by jnbhobe »

My son in law just got an 18 with the performance package for 32K with 800 miles on it

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Re: Buying a SHO question, advice needed.

Post by 808popo »

Don’t buy one. I have a 2014 and it has 74000 miles on it mostly freeway. I don’t beat it up and I drive at the fastest 70. Last week my temperature warning went on. Had the car check and they said I need a new upper radiator hose. Upon changing the radiator hose the found the water pump was leaking and the repair would cost $1800. So I took the car back since I don’t have $1800 laying around. Driving home my low oil pressure light went on. The shop is only a mile from my house. Returned to the shop the next day and now I need a new motor. Don’t buy it get something more reliable. Now I’m stuck with this found on road dead 15000 under water. Can’t trade it and no money to fix it. Thanks Ford.