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My Ford 500 is FALLING APART!!! Please help!

Discuss anything related to the engine, electronics, transmission, etc.
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My Ford 500 is FALLING APART!!! Please help!

Post by carpenter12 » Fri Jul 28, 2017 11:42 pm

sorting out the problems with my Ford 500.

So I have a 2007 Ford 500 with almost ~140k miles on it.

My A/C doesn't work - blows hot air. I replaced the compressor a year ago in early September and the system finally started to build up pressure. However, that didn't last long as all of my R-134a has leaked out in around 14 days. Then winter hit and I started using the heater, which also doesn't work correctly. For some odd reason, once I turn the heat on, all my windows FOG UP like crazy to the point where theres absolutely no visibility. I literally have to wipe all the fog with a towel at every red light stop to have at least a very small degree of being able to see the road. Even when I turn the defogger on, it ironically fogs up the windows even more.

Transmission. This is another huge issue. My gears aren't changing correctly to the point where I was literally @ 6000rpm in 1st year before it would shift into 2nd. I replaced the trans fluid with fully synthetic ATF and it seemed to have fixed the issue, as the old trans fluid looked more like a black incredibly viscous tar rather than a "fluid." Now around 7 months later, the issues started happing again; the transmission just doesn't shift right; it started to slip through the gears when I am decelerating. Usually a loud bang (like someone hitting the car with a hammer); I believe the slippage occurs @ 2nd gear but I am no mechanic.

Back to A/C. Now summer hit and living in area where its 100F and 85% humidity just kills me without A/C. I have to fill up with r-134a every week now to have cold. And it blows cold until it all leaks out. I did buy r-134a regularly (including the one with a sealant) and at this point I am just fed up paying $40 every week for my A/C. I also spend $70 on a r-134a with DYE and we could NOT find any leaks - nothing around compressor/condenser/hoses/seals. Also, when I pump r-134a, it only becomes cold when I overcharge the system - why? I don't know. Another strange thing, when I am driving with A/C on cold and accelerating, I can actually hear the R-134A escaping! My gut says that it's an evap leaking but I could be wrong.

EGR valve. Had this show up on my check engine light; it went off after a week or so and never came back again. Unclear what happened.

Throttle valve. The car can get really jerky when I am standing at a stop light or in a drive through. Without any input from me, the car launches forward BY ITSELF! Also, when I am in Park and have A/C on max, just rotating the steering wheel causes the revs to go up with my foot completely OFF the gas pedal. I have no idea why is that.

I am really at a point where i want to say goodbye to this car but with so many issues (including cracked bumper, massive hail damage, fogged up headlights, ripped seats, no radio) I can't imagine anyone wanting to buy this car.

I realize that this is a lot of information to take in, but please read at least some of it and suggest as to what I can do to fix these issues. I am all 100% DIY as I don't have any money for pay for labor or anything like that. I pay just for parts.

Thanks a lot !

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