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2011 Limited - Water Pump Just Blew

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2011 Limited - Water Pump Just Blew

Post by Minter66 » Sat Jul 29, 2017 5:22 pm

Well I really wish I had stayed on these forums after I bought my 2011 LTD. Had I known that around 80k-90k the water pump blows, I would have had it replaced. I mean, I just had it done with the timing belt in my wife's MDX - but that is a regular and expected maintenance item.

My own fault for not doing due diligence, but man Ford, what a terrible design!! I expect this from the Germans, not America.

Now the question I come here to ask: Are there any other known issues that can potentially cost me a lot of money if not replaced like this water pump issue?

I know about the rear brake pads and rotors going fast ( have that issue now ) and it seems this car goes out of alignment very fast (Firestone has me on a 5,000 mile alignment schedule now). I am waiting to have the car towed on Monday to see if the engine was destroyed or not. If not, I would like to just have the WP replaced and 2 or 3 oil changes done to flush the antifreeze out of the engine.

I think the WP failed right as I pulled into work. I did not notice the fans at 100% and there were no dings/bongs/idiot lights the entire time. Engine was still running perfectly when I shut it down. So I am just very hopeful the engine is fine.

I am tempted to sell, and just buy a Toyota Camry. I had the Scion tC for 6 years, 158,000 miles not a single problem or repair. I had to sell when my son was born and decided for the Taurus.

Tell me this car will go another 90K without major issues? Currently 89K on it now, haven't even had it that long (bought at 44K in 2014)

Thanks to all.

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Re: 2011 Limited - Water Pump Just Blew

Post by PeterNY » Wed Aug 02, 2017 12:44 pm

Fix it. Trade it. Never look back.
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Re: 2011 Limited - Water Pump Just Blew

Post by Webmaster » Wed Aug 02, 2017 3:57 pm

Personally I'd just fix it and then buy a Toyota but hey that's just me. :shock:
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Re: 2011 Limited - Water Pump Just Blew

Post by Bruno5811 » Wed Aug 02, 2017 6:03 pm


Instead of a Toyota I am driving a "couch"! 2009 Chev LT with the 3.9L. Had a very pretty and quick 2010 for Taurus for just under 3 weeks. Bought it used at a Ford dealer in Shakopee MN. When I bought it I quizzed them specifically on the water pump. I also owned and still do a 2003 Dodge Intrepid with the HO V6 in it. My mechanic, a local guy who used to work by Ford basically told me when he replaced the timing belt on the Intrepid that I would notice a new water pump on the bill as well. Thank God he did. Fellows at Ford told me I should not worry even though it had just turned 100,000 on it. I had to get a car as my daughters' Ford Escort has just suffered a death by snow bank incident.

Spent almost $10k for the Taurus with extra keys and electric start. Drove out of a car wash checked to oil looked clear but over filled a bit. Had intended to bring the car in in the next 2 days to fix the windshield washer tan and to check some very soft lower end noise. Bang blow that engine 20 mph at the top of my block. Opened the hood and said something I should not have said. ( I paid my way through college as a wrench and still work on the family fleet.)

They claimed it was my fault even though I had specifically asked them about the water pump. Hard lesson too! After I shelled out another $1500 they sold my my rolling couch. Love my Impala Watch OUT!

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