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"The history of the Ford Taurus has been a cycle of revolution followed by evolution. The 2000 Taurus is designed to continue the evolution with customer-driven improvements to help it remain one of the best-selling family cars well into the next century."
- Chris Theodore, Vice President, Large Vehicle Center, Ford Motor Company

From the outset, the design team's desire was to make Taurus look more substantial, accommodate package improvements and move the styling comfortably toward the center of the Ford family of cars and trucks.

On the outside, Taurus' sheet metal has been revised to underscore the car's family-car size, with changes to nearly all exterior body panels to include revisions in cowl height, roof height, fender flares and use of larger wheels and tires.

The objective for the surface detailing was simplicity and a straightforward nature. The themes are more linear. The grille is much larger, with an oval shape and a honeycomb insert to instill a more durable, "built to last" appearance of quality.

All design changes were taken only after an extensive analysis of customer feedback and researched expectations. As a result, the design team revised all exterior body panels with the exception of the doors.

Exterior Design Cues

Interior Comfort and Convenience

Customer feedback led to new features, such as power adjustable accelerator and brake pedals - the first passenger car with this feature. Both the brake and accelerator pedals can be horizontally adjusted up to three inches toward the driver from the standard location. This provides greater comfort for a wider range of drivers and allows drivers smaller-than-average in stature to position their seats further away from the steering wheel for a more comfortable, controlled driving position.

In addition:

Other New and Improved Interior Elements For 2000

Increased Interior Storage and Convenience Features Also Include