Ford Taurus

2014 Ford Taurus

2014 Ford Taurus in red
2014 Ford Taurus Red
Photo © Ford Motor Company

Rather than just copy and paste the whole Ford press release, this year we'll just tell you what's changed for the 2014 Taurus model year. Scroll down for technical specifications.

What's New For 2014?

So, as you can see there are only minor updates for the 2014 model year. That's not really a surprise given the major update that happened just a few years back. Not to mention that the Police Interceptor Sedan is built off the Taurus platform and that was just introduced for 2013. We don't anticipate huge updates even for 2015. But stay tuned, we'll be sure to post details as we hear more on future model releases!

2014 Taurus Specifications

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2014 Taurus Discussions

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2014 Ford Taurus Photos

Check out the updated Taurus. All photos are copyright © Ford Motor Company.

2014 Taurus silver

2014 Taurus dash

Rear view 2014 Ford Taurus